The Price of Magic: Kieran Baxter

The Price of Magic - NewThe Price of Magic is just a couple of weeks away, so it’s time to start looking at the many characters in the book.  Most have appeared in previous books.  I’m not going to tell you what happens to them in The Price of Magic, but if you haven’t read the earlier Senta books, Spoiler Alert.

We first met Kieran Baxter as one of the officers on the H.M.S. Minotaur in Book 1: The Voyage of the Minotaur.  We don’t run in to him again until Book 4: The Young Sorceress, when he is marooned on a deserted island.  We know he’s there for years, because he’s only just been rescued when he meets Senta again at the end of Book 5: The Two Dragons.  In Book 6: The Sorceress and her Lovers, he is one of the aforementioned lovers, traveling around the world with Senta.

Baxter is one of the most important characters in The Price of Magic.  Only one other character is a greater player in this story, and I know what you’re thinking– it’s not Senta.

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