What I’m Working On

Typically, when I finish one project, I dabble here and there, writing bits and pieces of works until something sticks and then I jump in and finish it.  I’ve just finished Astrid Maxxim and the Electric Racecar Challenge, so I’m tinkering with some projects old and new to find my next project.

Two things that have been on the back burner for a while are the following:

82 Eridani Journey82 Eridani: Journey is the first of a seven part series that tells the story of the conquest of a distant solar system by a starship from Earth.  This first volume deals with the crew, who are flying through space after their captain has basically hijacked her own ship and chosen a new destination.  I don’t want to give away too much, but its both the darkest thing I’ve ever written and the most sexually explicit as well.  I’m also trying for more of a hard sci-fi feel than I’ve previously done.  I was working on this very hard a year or so ago, and got half way through, but haven’t touched it in a while.


Kanana: The Jungle Girl -- Cover RevealKanana the Jungle Girl is an adventure story like I used to enjoy as a kid.  It owes a lot to Edgar Rice Burroughs, but I’ve tried to give it my own spin, as well as a more modern take on the genre.  In some ways, it is a sort of reverse Tarzan story.  I think of it as a feminist story, but I imagine there will be some who view it as being the opposite of that.  This manuscript too, has been sitting for a while, but I picked it up over the past summer and wrote three or four chapters.  I kind of thought I was going to finish it the time, but got sidetracked by The Price of Magic.

Next time I’ll mention some projects I may be starting.

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