Matador in Naked City

Here is a book by one of the members of my writing group, The Shared Word.  Maria-Teresa Guzman, a Hispanic grandmother, sweet lady, and wonderful writer lives alone in a part of Vegas I probably wouldn’t drive through.  But it has given her some stories that seem too crazy to believe, and yet they’re true!

Check out her book Matador in Naked City.  It’s $14.95 in paperback, $9.99 for Kindle, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it free.

Born out of illegality, Las Vegas, Nevada is universally known as “Sin City,” land of pleasures, promises and joy. Tourists flock from every corner of the world to enjoy life’s bounties, eccentricities and myths: promises of riches, beauty and eternal youth.
Yet, land of extremes, Vegas has another face and the area known as Naked City is an enclave that well draws a human picture we are obliged to examine: one of values and principles, where the best and worst of human foibles are exposed.
The present novel dissects those very issues with that humor found in tragedy, a humor that turns out to be its very strength. Enjoyable and fast-paced, these stories explore unchartered territories of the human soul.


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