Motivations: Tesla’s Stepdaughters

Tesla's StepdaughtersThe idea for Tesla’s Stepdaughters came while I was playing Rock Band 2. I was playing it a lot over the summer in 2009. As part of the game, you create your band, and the band I created became The Ladybugs. The original band name was actually Tesla’s Stepdaughters, but when I got around to writing the story, it just seemed to make more sense that the band standing in historically for The Beatles would have a similar name.

I am really pleased with Tesla’s Stepdaughters. I think I was successful in creating a setting for the story, without delving too deeply into it. I’m really happy with my mystery. I never really thought I would be able to write a mystery story, and while some might point out that the mystery is the weakest part of the story (and I wouldn’t argue that), for me, I’m pretty pleased.

Recently, Tesla’s Stepdaughters has been getting more and more interest.  It continues to slowly climb in sales and is the best selling of any of my single (non-series) books.


4 thoughts on “Motivations: Tesla’s Stepdaughters

  1. Do I smell a Ladybugs sequel? 🙂

    At one time you were going to republish “Tesla’s Stepdaughters” with the glossary included at the back. Are you still going to do that?


    • I’m of two minds about the Ladybugs sequel. I have ideas for two more stories and actually started on one of them. I finished the first two chapters, before setting it aside, and I think they’re pretty good. After letting them sit for a while though, I started thinking that a sequel might take away from the original. In the end, I suppose I’m destined to write a sequel or two, but the question remains– when? I don’t know.

      As for the glossary, the current ebook versions have the glossary included. If you have purchased the ebook (which I suspect you have) you should be able to re-download it free. I probably won’t add a glossary to the print version, in order to keep the price reasonably low, but if anyone bought a paperback copy and would like the glossary, I would be happy to email one.

      Thanks Moe, for you long-time support. I appreciate you.

  2. Wes, I have just now downloaded a new version of “Tesla’s Stepdaughters” from Smashwords and there is indeed a “Guide To The Ladybugs” in the back. Thank you for that. I actually have eight versions of “Tesla’s Stepdaughters” downloaded from Smashwords and nine versions of “Princess Of Amathar”. Every time you fixed a typo or changed a cover I downloaded a new version. I suspect I missed a few! I even downloaded “Guide To The Ladybugs” as a separate ebook when you first offered it.

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