Technology: His Robot Wife

A Great Deal of PatienceWhen I wrote His Robot Girlfriend in 2008, there was no iPad yet. There was a Sony Reader and an Amazon Kindle, and I imagined them replacing books, so I gave Mike a texTee. I don’t know how I came up with the name, but I thought it was pretty clever. Then the iPad came out and made my original idea look kind of lame. So when I wrote His Robot Wife, I updated the texTee and made it more advanced than an iPad, with a voice activated interface.  Along comes Siri, and I’m outdated again!

One thing my characters don’t have in my robot stories is a computer. One of my ideas was that computers just don’t exist anymore as standalone items. They have computers in everything. People use texTees (Tablets), wriTees (word processor and more), and vueTees (televisions). The vueTees have (according to the story): interactivity, inscope (don’t know what that would be), Infinet connections, and threed (probably something like 3D). They also use t-pods (advanced ipods maybe) and something called an andTee.

I just added the andTee so there would be something that nobody knows about today that they have in the future. I remember reading the cross-time novels by Harry Turtledove. In those books, the people of the future have video games and music and something called a fasarta which is never explained. Maybe the andTee and the fasarta are the same thing.

Right now, I’m in the midst of writing A Great Deal of Patience. My plan is for this to be the first full-length Patience novel.  Keep an eye out here on your computer or your texTee for more updates. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Technology: His Robot Wife

  1. As time goes by, it seems more & more work piles up and b4 you know it….you’re drowning in email. You have projects waiting in the wind and it seems to get further & further away….”A Great Deal of Patience” is what I long for….I know it is a virtue but it is the title of a book I long for. Yes Wes…I have read all your robot books and ( no pun intended ) I’m running out of patience ….Please give me an eta……I’m dieing out here in robot land ….I need some kind of sanity to read….remember…..” Clowns to the left of me….jokers to the right…here I am…stuck in the middle with you ” ….yes….yes Patience..I will try so very hard to have more……and wait to hear from you
    Thank you for all your writings,

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