Tesla’s Stepdaughters: Music

Tesla's StepdaughtersOne of the things I’ve learned (I hope) is that even though you go to a great deal of trouble to create the details of a fantasy or sci-fi world, you shouldn’t go showing it off unless it benefits the story. I think this is one of the weaknesses of His Robot Girlfriend that makes me want to rewrite it.

There is a pretty large amount of detail about the Ladybugs and their music in Tesla’s Stepdaughters, but I tried to use only what I needed to be descriptive. In editing, I cut back on the details of their concert playlists. However, I created WAY more detail than is shown in the book. I created every album of the Ladybugs career, every song on every album, who wrote each song, and who played what instruments on those songs. I posted the details long ago on the blog, and if anyone is interested I’ll post them again. I even put it out there in ebook format, but I took it down, as I didn’t want people to be disappointed that they weren’t getting a story.  I’ve put it in as an appendix in the back of the latest ebook editions of Tesla’s Stepdaughters.



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