Tesla’s Stepdaughters: Tacos and Hot Dogs

Tesla's StepdaughtersOne of the little details in Tesla’s Stepdaughters is a little Freudian reference that I just couldn’t help myself from throwing in.

Tesla’s Stepdaughters is a sci-fi story set in an alternate world where men and women have been segregated from one another for more than forty years. Women live much as they do today, while men are collected in enclaves in the far southern tips of Africa, South America, and Australia. This is a result of germ warfare (in their WWI) that eradicated the majority of men in the world.

Part of the story involved the characters buying street food. The men, living in South America and not liking anything German (because German scientist caused the germ warfare) would never have adopted hot dogs, like they did in the US. So I had them eating tacos. I was going to have the women, living in what is essentially our world, eating hamburgers, but then I realized the Freudianism of it all. With hot dogs and tacos frequently used as euphamisms form male and female genetalia, I just couldn’t resist making those the dominant fast food varieties.


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