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His Robot GirlfriendHere are a few more details about the world of His Robot Wife and His Robot Girlfriend.

One of the main background events in His Robot Girlfriend is the presidential election. I used random names for the presidential candidates, but one of the vice-presidential candidates was named for a teacher I work with. That was years ago, and she’s moved on now.  We have huge turnovers in our school district.  But I’m still there.  I got my 20 year pin this week, even though I’m three fourths of the way through my 22nd year.

One of the details that I was really proud of was the payNETime acount. I needed something that was a cross between Paypal and the broader banking world. PayNETime is pronounced “pay any time” and it spells NET in the middle. I was really proud of myself on this one.

Mike and Patience live at 11 North Willow. During my high school years, I lived at 11 Cottonwood.

The two main robot manufacturers are Gizmo and Daffodil. Gizmo is another word for mechanism, of course. Daffodil is the flower and is meant to evoke the idea of Apple. There are numerous little parallels between Gizmo/Daffodil and IBM/Apple. Add to that Daffodil is in Cupertino.


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