Princess of Amathar

Princess of AmatharMy first novel was Princess of Amathar. I originally thought up the story when I was a teenager. It was not a particularly brilliant plot, but was like the adventure stories that I enjoyed reading at the time. I wrote the first chapter several times over the years, but never got much further. Writing a novel is really hard if you haven’t done it before. Just continuing takes a great deal of will power. About the time I started college, I made my penultimate attempt to begin the book. I expanded the beginning while writing other things (mostly fanfic, which thankfully because no one ever heard of the internet in those days, never saw the light of day). I worked at it sporatically for years. After I got my first job teaching Junior High English, I began to share my writing with my students as I encouraged them to write, and they, in turn, encouraged me to keep going. It still took a long time. Then, when I was about 75% done, I began to share my writing with some of my teacher friends. With their feedback, I finally managed to finish. It was about eight years from start to finish, and this was only 93,000 words. Four fellow teachers helped me revise the book. When that was done, I was so proud that I immediately sent it off to a dozen book publishers. I recieved a dozen rejection letters. I stuck the manuscript away and forgot about writing for a while. Then one day I mentioned my book to a coworker, who suggested I check out Lulu and self-publish Princess of Amathar, if just for myself and my friends, family, and students. I did. I self-published it. Then a funny thing happened. I felt like I could write another novel and a new story just popped into my head.

Princess of Amathar is a science fiction adventure novel in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Alexander Ashton, an earth man, finds himself mysteriously transported to another world– the artificial hollow world of Ecos. There he encounters a wide variety of alien races, including the reptilian Zoasians and their mortal enemies the human Amatharians. The Zoasians and the Amatharians have been at war for thousands of years and Alexander’s first encounter with both of them is when he stumbles upon a vicious battle, which the Amatharians lose. In the heat of battle, Alexander sees a beautiful female warrior, the Princess of Amathar, and falls in love with her then and there. When the Zoasians capture her and take her away, he vows to rescue her. The running series of adventures which he embarks upon includes a stop at her home city of Amathar, where he gets his first look at the human yet alien Amatharian civilization.


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