Senta and the Steel Dragon – Greater Brechalon

The Voyage of the MinotaurSumir is a continent that, though roughly the size of Africa, is still one of the smallest continents of the world of Senta and the Steel Dragon. It is the home of mankind. It is where the United Kingdom of Greater Brechalon, Freedonia, Mirsanna, and the other human countries can be found. From Sumir, humans have begun to reach out and colonize the rest of the world, including the continent of Mallon.

The United Kingdom of Greater Brechalon is the country from which most of the characters in Senta and the Steel Dragon come. It is a fantasy analog of Edwardian Great Britain, with a few steam punk elements thrown in. Magic exists and wizards are relatively common, though they are usually employed by the military or the police. Sorcerors are more scarce. Steam travel is common as are telegraphs and gas lighting.

The UK is made up of three large islands and several small ones and possesses the world’s most powerful navy. Its traditional enemies are the Kingdom of Freedonia and the Kingdom of Mirsanna.


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