The Legend of Tarzan

I just went and saw The Legend of Tarzan.  It’s gotten mixed reviews and I will say that it isn’t the greatest movie I’ve ever seen.  But it may be the best Tarzan movie.  It’s pretty impressive.  It achieves where some 45 Tarzan movies have failed in the following areas:

1. Accurately portrays Tarzan.

2. Accurately portrays Jane and their relationship.

3. Weaves the story into believable (in fact, real) events, and story elements seem plausible.

4. Connects the Man/Nature themes.

5. Uses real Burroughsian settings and themes.

If you like action movies, maybe you should see this.  If you like any of the five headline actors, see it.  They all do really good jobs – especially Margot Robbie.  If you love Tarzan and Edgar Rice Burroughs, get out and watch this movie!


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