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A Great Deal of PatienceI alway say I never read reviews and I try to never read reviews.  But then I go and read reviews.  Most of my books don’t have many reviews, because most of my books don’t sell that many copies.  The robot books do, of course.  So today, I did what I said I never do and read some of the reviews of His Robot Girlfriend: Charity.  Pretty good overall, which is good, because I don’t want to feel like killing myself.  Anyway, it does motivate me to get His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience done.


6 thoughts on “Reading Reviews

  1. I would be beyond thrilled to one of the first to read and review “A Great Deal of Patience”! I’m a huge fan, have all of your other Robot Wife and girlfriend books (Patience and Charity). Can’t wait! @briant1985

    • I’ll try and keep everyone updated about the progress of the book here on the blog, but it’s a long one, so it’s going to be a little while yet before it’s done. Thanks for your support and your kind words.

  2. All I can say is: Thank you. I (and many others) have been awaiting this new book for quite some time. I find them well written, with believable characters and gripping plots that keep me interested thru every page. I’m not surprised they are your most popular books…..I think you’ve really tapped into a great storyline here. My only critique of your other books is that they don’t appeal to me personally (50+ white male). Maybe more young adult? The Patience series, however, are a joy to read. Well done and please consider this a POSITIVE review! Best wishes for your future writing.

    • Scott, Thanks for your kind words and support. I’m looking forward to getting the next robot book done and I think it will be the best yet. It’s going to be a long one though, so it’s going to be a while before it’s done. I’ll keep everyone updated as much as possible here at the blog. I appreciate your comments about my other books. As a 50+ white male, myself, I can understand what you mean. Of course Astrid Maxxim is targeted at youngsters. Senta and the Steel Dragon wasn’t originally planned that way, but I suppose as a middle school teacher, I just naturally lean toward characters in that age group. I don’t know if you’ve read either Tesla’s Stepdaughters or Blood Trade. They are my more “adult” books I think, and tonally, Tesla is a bit more like the robot books. But even if none of the others are your cup of tea, that’s fine. I’m so glad you enjoy Mike and Patience and friends. Thanks again. Wes.

  3. Wes, I’ve bought all your robot books (you should charge for the first Robot Girlfriend book I got on good reads! that got me hooked!) I am a big fan of your stories. Regarding the topic of negative reviews – I wouldn’t give them any validity. Looking at what is on goodreads I can see a LOT of reviews from women coming at the book with a feminist angle, and not evaluating it on its true merits – a story about what a robot relationship might be like. Yes it is a male fantasy – but that’s what is great about it!! Most men don’t bother reading women’s romance novels and then score them low in a review because they are, well, boring for most men. So please ignore the haters and continue to make great novels! Yes, it is the male demographic that will tend to enjoy these stories – but don’t forget us! These days a book like yours is a refuge for the the modern man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women’s rights and independence and freedom, but the zeitgeist at the moment is very anti-male. So enjoy your true fandom. Take care and Happy Writing!

    • Thanks for your support. I originally wrote His Robot Girlfriend to be a free book, just to get my name out there. It’s worked fantastically well, downloaded nearly 500,000 times, so it’s going to stay free. But I plan to write much more in the Patience universe.

      I agree with everything you say about the book as a male fantasy, but I get a remarkable amount of women writing to tell me they love the stories. I’ve come to grips with the fact that poor reviews are going to be posted. I’m just happy that there are more 5-stars than 4-stars, etc. all the way down.

      Thanks again.

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