Princess of Amthar – The City of Amathar

Princess of AmatharThe city of Amathar is huge– roughly the size of the continental United States or say, Australia. It is round and has a great wall around it. I have always been fascinated by city planning, especially when done long in advance of need. You can see analogs of Alexander laying out Alexandria in several of my stories.

I looked through the forward view port and felt my stomach drop away. Since coming to Ecos, I had come to expect things on a grand scale– seemingly endless plains, forests so dark and thick they seemed to block the sun, vast seas and broad rivers, huge flying battleships– but nothing had prepared me for the city of Amathar. Ahead of us was a wall that stretched to the left and right as far as the eye could see. Seemingly held within this wall was a city, straining to be free of its confines. It was a city of tremendously high buildings, tall towers, and massive constructions of bizarre shape and ungodly dimension, painted with a rainbow of pastel colors from red to blue with bits of silver and gold. The city seemingly went on forever into the distance, rising up into the horizon until it became a part of the sky.

“Just how large is Amathar?” I asked.

“The city wall is a circle two thousand five hundred kentads in diameter.”

That information took several moments to compute, and at least that long to comprehend. According to my admittedly incomplete knowledge of Amatharian measurement, twenty five hundred kentads was the equivalent of two thousand miles. This seemed beyond belief, and I questioned it, but the three Amatharians confirmed my figures. Here was a single city that would, had it been located on my home planet, have almost completely covered North America.


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