Amathar – Meznarks and Oindrag

Princess of AmatharThe Meznarks and Oindrag are two races of beings who lived in the great hollow world of Ecos long ago. Although the Amatharians study them, they don’t know exactly what they look like because both races are extinct. They in fact, wiped each other out. Being young and idealistic when I came up with the story of Amathar, I wanted to showcase two such mutually homicidal races as my own little bit of commentary on the then present Cold War.

We had not walked too many miles when Noriandara Remontar called to me. As I looked up, she pointed to a large object in the sky. I thought at first that the object was an Amatharian or Zoasian battleship, since it was about the same size. It was not one of the air vessels. It was instead a floating city. While the bottom was far from smooth, with openings, windows, and protrusions, the top was a jagged skyline of tall buildings shooting up toward the noon day sun.
“Have you ever seen a floating city like that?” Noriandara Remontar asked.
“No,” I replied. “You?”
“I have heard of them. They were built long ago by the Meznarks, contemporaries of the Orlons. They built hundreds of floating cities and sailed all over Ecos, until they angered a race of beings far away known as the Oindrag who hunted the Meznarks down and destroyed them. There are numerous artifacts from a fallen Meznark city at the Tree Clan Museum in Amathar, but I don’t think anyone has ever come across a city still in flight.”
“Are the Oindrag still around?”
“I believe they are also extinct.”


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