A Plague of Wizards – The Dechantagnes

A Plague of WizardsThe Dechantagne family plays a prominent part in the Senta and the Steel Dragon story.  In book 1, The Voyage of the Minotaur, we meet the three Dechantagne siblings– Iolanthe, Terrence, and Augie.  Each has his or her own quirks and problems, but together, they drive much of the story forward.

In A Plague of Wizards, we have three new Dechantagnes who in many ways occupy the positions of the earlier generation.  We have Iolana, Augustus, and Terra.  Iolana is Iolanthe’s daughter and Augustus and Terra are Terrence’s children.  In the previous two books, The Sorceress and her Lovers and The Price of Magic, we get to know Iolana quite well.  This book puts the spotlight on Terra, though Iolana and Augie both have prominent roles to play.

An epilog that I originally wrote for The Two Dragons followed the three children (as well as all the other characters) until they were quite old.  After deciding to continue the series, I kept to the outline of their lives that I had previously devised.  To reach the end of their story, I’ll probably need two more volumes.


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