A Great Deal of Patience – Trilogy

A Great Deal of PatienceI’m hard at work on His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience.  I’ve just finished another chapter, which puts me at roughly the halfway part of the rough draft.  While doing so, I have been expanding the greater story enough that I can tell you, A Great Deal of Patience will be the first book of a trilogy.  This trilogy will wrap up my ideas for Mike and Patience and their world (though that doesn’t mean I won’t write another book if I think of an idea.)  The books in the trilogy will be A Great Deal of Patience, (You knew that one) Patience Under Fire, and Extreme Patience.  I’m dedicated to getting this book done and working on nothing else until it is.  After that, I’d really like to finish some stories that I’ve got partially done, such as 82: Eridani, Nova Dancer, Love and the Darkness, and a Time Travel book of which I’ve written about a third.  Heck, maybe I’ll finish one of the sequels I’ve started: Amathar, Tesla’s Stepdaughters, or Blood Trade.  But!  None until I finish A Great Deal of Patience.


2 thoughts on “A Great Deal of Patience – Trilogy

  1. Great news and glad to hear the story has been expanded to more volumes. I’ll be there when they are available. You had mentioned the possibility of more books if and when an idea hit you…..here’s a little nugget that might be worthy of exploring:
    What happens to Patience if Mike dies? Theoretically, she should last forever, Mike obviously would not. Would she have a purpose after that? She was created “for him” – would she want to continue existing without him? Just a thought as I was rereading the first book today…..

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your support and your comments. Mike’s death and what happens to Patience is a topic for discussion between them in this book. Patience tells Mike what she wants to happen, but by the end of the book, we will find that her plan isn’t really possible anymore.

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