Falling Behind

My nine-year-old niece commented recently that she thought I must love math, because I had a notebook that was full of numbers and she couldn’t figure out what they were.  It was my tally/notebook.  I’ve set a goal for myself to keep up with my writing.  I’ve boosted my goal every year.  Currently it’s eight pages per day.  I keep a tally of how many pages I finish and try to stay ahead.  I also use the same notebook for my ideas, so it’s full of character names and so forth.  At the end of August, I was about 204 pages ahead of my goal.  Such is the results from having a surgery that prevents you from getting up out of your chair.  Now I’m only about 123 pages ahead.  If I keep this up, I’m actually going to be behind.  Plus, I’m going to increase my goal on January 1st.  Fortunately, this post counts as a page.  🙂  Now back to Patience and Mike and Lucas.



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