A New Writers Group

So, I decided to visit the Henderson Writers Group to check it out.  I live in Henderson, but have never been to any of their meetings, though I do occasionally run across a member.  Checking their website, I found they had several meetings each week, but all but one of them are held someplace outside of Henderson!  Go figure.  So I decided to attend the meeting here.  It was still on the other side of the city from me, about 10 miles away.  So I cruised over in 114-degree heat to the location at National University… and I couldn’t find any meeting.  The website said go to National University and follow the signs.  I found no meeting and no signs and no one to ask about it.  Lest you think National University is some sprawling campus and I missed them.  It’s not.  It’s a single floor of a single office building.  Oh well.

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