My Books – Part One

I have written quite a few books now.  Some I really love and others I have mixed feelings about.  I thought I would go through them and give you a little background and details about them.

Princess of Amathar (2007)

I have had some version of Princess of Amathar in my head and on paper since High School.  The final version, I really started working on about 1990.  It got put on hold when I went back to college.  I hammered out the rest between 1994-1997.  When I was done, I tried to have it published but was rejected.  Eventually, I head about self-publishing and did so.  A year later, I was ready for the advent of ebooks.  Princess of Amathar was a huge deal for me, and I’m proud of it.  I like the story and it hits all the Burroughsian sci-fi adventure tropes I was aiming for.  That being said, it’s far from my best work– not surprising, as it is my first.

His Robot Girlfriend (2008)

I had written a massive book that would eventually become books 1, 3, 5 of Senta and the Steel Dragon and was sending it out to potential publishers.  I wanted something to get my name out there in the meantime.  I went to my box of old writing and pulled out a series of stories about a robot lover.  I rewrote them into a single story and added an ending, such as it was.  I fondly remember writing this over the summer, while I was teaching 11th-grade History to summer school students.  The story, I’ve always felt, is weak, due to being a mashup of existing works.  But it did what was intended.  It got my name out there.  It’s been downloaded nearly a million times.

Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess (2009)

I was still sending out Senta and the Steel Dragon and His Robot Girlfriend was being downloaded like crazy.  I needed something to work on, so I started a story set in my old Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I wanted a foolish and unreliable narrator, so I created Eaglethorpe Buxton.  I just thought up a little story for him and ran with it.  People either love or hate Eaglethorpe, but I’m happy with how he turned out.

Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Sorceress (2009)

This book I wrote simply for my own enjoyment. I had so much fun writing the first Eaglethorpe story that I decided to do another one.  I was still waiting to hear from publishers about Senta and the Steel Dragon, so I didn’t want to start anything too major. Back about 1998, I had written a play for our school drama club.  It was performed twice. Since it was set, like Eaglethorpe, in my old D&D world, I simply made him the author of the play and since the characters were already established people in that world, it all tied in.  I like this story less than the first, but I still like it.

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