My Books – Part Three

The Drache Girl (2010)

The Drache Girl had been written for almost three years by the time I published it in 2010.  It required more revision to stand alone than had The Voyage of the Minotaur, but less than The Two Dragons would.  I struggled with the title and originally chose The Sorceress’s Apprentice.  Several friends (and my wife) thought that people would confuse it with the Micky Mouse portion of Fantasia, so it became The Drache Girl, a term already established in the first book.

His Robot Wife (2011)

I had never planned on writing a sequel to His Robot Girlfriend, but it was the only thing that I’d written that could be called a hit.  It was being downloaded thousands of times a month, and my other books were languishing.  So I came up with a short plot and wrote His Robot Wife.  I’m generally happy with the writing, but I don’t think it one of my better stories, especially regarding the plot.  Still, it was and is my best seller.

Women of Power (2011)

One of the sites where I had my free books was  I found that there were dozens of people writing what amounted to fan fiction about superheroes and publishing them in chapters like comic book without the picture.  I thought this looked like fun, but I didn’t want to use established characters that belonged to someone else.  So, I wrote the first three chapters of Women of Power and posted them like everyone else.  Then I stopped for a while and wrote His Robot Wife.  When I was done, I quickly hammered out the rest of Women of Power.

Blood Trade (2011)

I belonged to a writers group (still do, though there aren’t many of us left) who met at Borders.  They would usually place us at a couple of banquet tables in a back corner.  One time they put us right between two counters of Twilight and related vampire love stories.  A fellow writer said, “Wes, you should write a vampire book.”  I said, “Nobody would buy my vampire book.  The vampires would all be really evil.”  Nevertheless, that stuck with me until, sure enough, I started my own vampire book.  I had got to about chapter five when I noticed it was getting darker as I went.  So I went back to the beginning and went all dark.  Sure enough, I was right.  Few people buy it.  But it is my favorite vampire story.  I often tell people I write for myself.  This is a perfect example.

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