My Books – Part Five

Astrid Maxxim and her Undersea Dome (2013)

I had always planned on returning to Astrid Maxxim and I did as soon as I could.  It was still two years though, since the first book.  I also wanted to follow the pattern of the Tom Swift Jr. books of alternating from space to sea.  I really was trying to capture the feeling I had in my youth, reading my favorite books, so I followed basic generalities.  The books would be positive and nostalgic, yet they would showcase modern technology.  On the other hand, there were things I didn’t like.  Nothing ever seemed to change Tom Swift’s world, despite his amazing inventions, and time never passed.  Tom was always 18.  I would make sure that time passed for Astrid, and her inventions would change her world.

His Robot Wife: Patience is a Virtue (2013)

His Robot Wife continued to be my best seller, despite the fact that I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out.  I decided to write a new robot book– a better robot book.  I plotted out all the details of the new book and worked on it extensively before writing.  As I was writing though, I kept changing what was going on.  I came up with several new ideas that would influence later books, but I don’t think I did them justice in Patience is a Virtue.  It is a pretty popular book– my best seller next to the first His Robot Wife.

The Sorceress and her Lovers (2014)

When I started The Sorceress and her Lovers, I was thinking of it as a single book in a series.  By the time I was reaching the end, I was thinking of it as the first book in a new series of five.  I went back and edited it to reflect my new ideas, but I’m not sure how effective that was.  Despite being my favorite books to read or write, sale of the Senta series are some of my lowest.  If I was a real professional writer, I would concentrate on things that sell, I guess.  But I want to write the things I like to write.  I have a dream that one day, the series will find its audience.  I think it would make a great HBO series– kind of a cross between Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey.

Desperate Poems (2014)

I have several thousand poems that I’ve written over the years.  Most of them are crap.  However, I cobbled together enough that I thought were pretty good and published them as a free ebook.  Few people read poetry and even fewer by an unknown poet, but its out there.  When I was a kid, I used to call myself a poet.  Now that I have a published book of poems, I really am one.

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