My Books – Part Six

Astrid Maxxim and the Antarctic Expedition (2014)

It had been less than a year since I had written the second Astrid Maxxim book, but I jumped right into the third.  I had set up the plot idea with a little tidbit in the first book.  As I was writing, I for some reason forgot that the book was plotted out to be 20 chapters of 1500 words each, and instead wrote the first seven or eight at 2500 words.  I stopped and reworked what I had written before continuing, but I never really got it squared away.  So Astrid Maxxim and the Antarctic Expedition not only has chapters of varying lengths, it’s the only Astrid book with only 19 chapters.  This book was about making Astrid grow up a little bit.  In doing so, she becomes a little less Tom Swift and a little more Steve Jobs.

Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space Plane (2014)

When I was done with the third Astrid Maxxim book, I jumped right into the fourth.  I had intended to wait until Astrid was a little older before throwing her into space, but I decided that if she was going to do all that I wanted her to do, she had to get started right away.  This book was an easy write and I was thrilled to work with Matthew Riggenbach at Shaed Studios on the cover.  We went through more revisions I think on this one than others, but he was awesome and I really like what he came up with.

His Robot Girlfriend: Charity (2015)

I wanted to write another robot book, but I just didn’t have a story for Mike and Patience.  I did, however, come up with a story about another robot and robot owner.  I think storywise, this is the best of the robot books up until this point, but many readers missed Patience.  I had thought, as I started writing this, that it would be the first in a series of His Robot Girlfriend books about other characters.  By the end however, I had the beginnings of the next Mike and Patience story that would build on events here.

The Price of Magic (2015)

It may seem from the dates that I jumped on this fairly quickly after The Sorceress and her Lovers, but it was over a year and a half between writing them.  This despite the fact that this is really just a continuation of the earlier story.  It became very clear to me while writing this book, that there would definitely be a five-story arc.  So books 1-5 are one story arc.  Books 6-10 another, with Book 0 standing alone.

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