The Dragon’s Choice – And a break!


The Dragon’s Choice is out later this month and I am happy to see that there are quite a few preorders for it.  It is book nine in the series (making it the tenth book, since there is a book 0).  I had a great deal of fun writing it.  I think it was the fastest that I’ve ever written a book that long, simply because I was having such a great time.  However, I’m taking a break from Senta and the Steel Dragon for a while.

There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, the series makes up my slowest selling book series (though Eaglethorpe Buxton, Blood Trade, and Women of Power are my slowest selling books).  Second, I have other books that people want to see finished.  Notably His Robot Wife: Patience Under Fire, which WILL be out in 2018, and the Astrid Maxxim books which are my only books in an upward spiral of sales at the moment.  I also have books that I want to write, including two very different sci-fi space series to get started.

Make no mistake however, eventually there will be a Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 10. I’ve got the plot in my head and know all the people who I have to kill off!  I even have a pretty important character to introduce.  (Her name is Maria).  Whether there will be a book 11, I don’t know, but book 10 will be the culmination of the plot lines at work in the previous four books.

Until then Grande Sorceress Senta, Police Chief Colbshallow, Princess Terra, Iolana Livonia Dechantagne Staff, Lord Augustus Dechantagne, Zoantheria the Dragon, Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Baxter, Tokkenoht the Lizzie High-Priestess, and Bessemer the Steel Dragon will sit simmering on the back burner.

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