Picking Out Excerpts (and Stuff)

I’ve had a lot of fun picking passages to present here as excerpts.  I have this thing where I  seem to remember my books being worse than I thought.  Then I start reading them and I realize that most are in fact, pretty good.

I’ve also been reading some older books for another reason.  I’m planning on getting all my books published as paperbacks on Amazon.  Most have been available for some time on Lulu, but lets face it.  There just isn’t any better exposure than Amazon.  So far, I have three paperbacks available there– Astrid Maxxim and the Electric Racecar Challenge, Astrid Maxxim and the Mystery of Dolphin Island, His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience, and Princess of Amathar.

Before I publish the others though, I want to make sure that they are all corrected and properly proofread.  That’s slow going, but it will get done.  I plan to have all books (with the exceptions of my five free books) available in Amazon paperback by the end of 2018.  This will include any new books that get finished along the way.

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