Nova Dancer

This is not an April Fool’s joke.  I’ve completed the draft for Nova Dancer, a sci-fi space story.  If you are wondering why this book is done and the others that I’ve supposedly been working day and night on aren’t, well, it’s like this.  Nova Dancer has been sitting around almost complete for a couple of years.  I reached a point where I needed a break from writing His Robot Wife, which is very dark, and I realized I only needed a couple of chapters to finish Nova Dancer.  Of course the mood I was in, made it a little dark too.

Nova Dancer takes place in the far future (some 28,000 years from now) in an interstellar society that no longer remembers Earth as anything more than a myth.  There’re aliens, starships, and lots of good old sci-fi goodies.  I’m going back to writing my other books for a few weeks before I start editing.  Look for Nova Dancer to appear within a few months though.

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