Three Books This Year?

I am still hopeful that I can publish three books this year.  This might seem ambitious, an it is, but I think I can do this because all three are near completion.  This is because I have been working on all three.  I’ll write one for a month and then switch to another, only to switch back, or even move on to a third.  If I can do it, the schedule might look something like this:

May= Nova Dancer

This might even be sooner, because the draft is done.  It depends on how much time I have to write over Spring Break.

September=His Robot Wife: Patience Under Fire

Yes, I know this was supposed to be last September, but it’s going to need the most revision time.

December= For King and Country

This will be the final Senta and the Steel Dragon book, and it’s going to be something like 150,000 words, in other words, about 50% larger than other books in the series.  This is one deadline I really don’t expect to make, though I would like to.

2 thoughts on “Three Books This Year?

  1. Definitely waiting on Patience. I may try Nova Dancer as well. It seems like more of my genre. Is it a stand alone book, or will it be a series?

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