Princess of Amathar – Updated and Revised

A newly updated and revised edition of Princess of Amathar is now available.  If you already own this as an ebook, you should be able to download the latest version for free.  If you don’t, you can get it now for just $2.99 wherever fine ebooks are sold.

Mysteriously transported to the artificial hollow world of Ecos, Earth man Alexander Ashton finds himself in the middle of a millennium-long war between the reptilian Zoasians and the humanoid Amatharians. Adopted by the Amatharians, Ashton must conform to a society based on honor and altruism, ruled by Knights whose power comes from the curious energy forms known as “souls” which inhabit their supernaturally powerful swords, and rife with its own peculiarities and prejudices. When the Princess of Amathar, whom Ashton has longed for since first seeing her, is captured by the Zoasians, he must cross an alien world, battle monstrous creatures, and face unknown dangers to save her. Princess of Amathar is a sword-swinging novel of high adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is the story a strange world filled with alien races, aerial battleships, swords and energy weapons, amazing adventures and horrible dangers, and the man who must face them all for the love of a woman he has never met.

2 thoughts on “Princess of Amathar – Updated and Revised

  1. I just tried to update the version of Princess of Amathar I have on Kobo Books but they want to charge me again though I already have the first version. Perhaps you should look into that glitch.
    I don’t know if the revisions are worth paying for the whole book a second time, as I am on a fixed income.
    I hope the problem can be straightened out soon.
    I enjoy all of your works so far and have them all. I wish you would do more with the world of Amathar as I’m sure many others have already asked. Just add my two cents to the “ask till” 😀, same for Nova Dancer also! Thanks!!

    • Hi, Thanks for the note and the support. To update on Kobo, first sign into your account. Then from the “My Account” menu in the top right corner, select “My Books.” This should give you a list of all the books you have purchased. Beneath each one are three little dots. If you click on those, one of the choices will be “Download”. When you download the book, you should get the latest edition. I hope that helps. You should definitely NOT pay for the book again. The only changes in the recent revision are a few grammar and formatting fixes.

      Thanks for you kind words of encouragement. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to Amathar. I actually started a sequel some years ago, but kind of ran out of steam on it. I may someday return to it, but I don’t know. As for Nova Dancer, I definitely plan to come back to it. It was designed as a series starter, and I have a lot of ideas there. Thanks again, and have a great summer.

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