Local Writers Group

A writers group can be a valuable tool for a writer.  I have been a part of a writers group for years.  Sadly, that group has dwindled down to just three members including myself.  Nevada is a very transient state.  People move away all the time.  Also, since our group was by and large older, many members have passed away.

I’ve gotten emails from another writers group over the years.  This is one that is actually in my home town (I have to travel to another nearby city for my group).  It is very large and organized.  Over the years I’ve heard some criticism of this group.  They charge large yearly dues, and they offer very little feedback to their members.

However, since I had the time, and they were meeting not far from my house, I decided to go check them out.  They were meeting in a local coffee shop.  I went in and saw the meeting room.  As it was still ten minutes before the start, I stopped at the order counter for a drink.  They had fancy wines, fancy beers, and fancy coffees.  I don’t drink any of those things, and they didn’t have soft drinks, so I turned to the tea menu.  They had ten kinds, and I had heard of exactly one of them.  So, I ordered iced Earl Grey.  It was five bucks.  I tipped two.  I was given my drink, dropped some sweetener in it and turned back to the meeting room.  It was still two minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting.

The door had been shut, but not just any door– a huge metal sliding door.  I kid you not.  It was like the door to get into the computer lab in Tron.  There was no sign saying “Writer’s Group” or “visitors welcome” or anything.  So, I turned and left.

To add insult to injury, the tea was so bad, I threw it away.

3 thoughts on “Local Writers Group

  1. Thanks, Mr. Allison. Your book with the Daffodil, Charity, grew on me and has become one of the more fascinating robot related books I have read (and I read a lot of books about robots). At first I thought it might just be another of the over-sexualized fare, however, by the time I finished the story I really cared about the characters and had developed a genuine desire to learn more about the world this exists in. I bought the other books and will be reading them as well.
    I hope I can encourage you to craft more of this world with robots with, perhaps, more of the P.K. Dick original Blade Runner(yknow, the actual novella) ambition as I sense you already have writers voice and if anything is holding you back from going a bit more Raymond Chandler and P.K. Dick, I say go there this world of yours. I’m also a fan of the Blade Runner 2049 film and Alien: Covenant story-arc. However, it’s novels, novellas, short-stories I wish there were more of, and I think if you gave people books like yours (and not like the typical military alien big hunt type books) people will pay you to keep them going. Asimov, Dick, Michael Moorcock, all did the same and I still re-read them out of sheer pleasure. et carter

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