2 thoughts on “Patience Under Fire – Update

  1. Wanted to say that I enjoyed this book and had been waiting patiently (:)) for it. Two observations I’ll share:
    It went way too quickly for me (whipped through it in just a few hours
    It was disappointing that Patience didn’t really appear much in this book. Barely a couple chapters. I hope the third book brings all this together and isn’t such a long wait as this one was.
    I will be sorry to see this storyline come to a close, if that is your intention. It’s a very interesting character and I think deserving of more stories.
    Please consider the gem you have here with these Patience books and don’t put them aside so hastily. Judging by the responses and sales, it appears your fans are in agreement with me.

  2. The next book will be the final book of the trilogy. There may well be other Patience/Daffodil books beyond that. I promise that the next book will not take as long. Also, it will feature Patience more prominently.

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