Motivations: Desperate Poems

Desperate CoverI was a poet long before writing a novel.  I wrote copious amounts of poetry though High School and into my twenties.  I started writing it again in my thirties.  I had long thought about putting together a collection in a book.  Now that I had a handle on the self-publishing process, I decided I would do just that with my poetry.

All the poems I had selected were previously published online at, so it was just a matter of putting them in the correct format.  Since this would be a free book, just a chance for me to show off a bit, I didn’t spend a lot of time on a cover– just whipped it out with Paint.

I haven’t written any poetry lately.  Any free time to write that I have, is spent on my novels.  So, this will probably be my only poetry book, although I have about 1,000 poems written long-hand in a box in the garage.

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