My Writing Journey Part X

His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience

I continued to receive letters from readers who wanted to see more of Patience and Mike from the robot girlfriend/wife series.  I wanted to give the readers what they wanted, but I had been less than satisfied with the previous books in the series.  I decided to approach the story the way that I had with The Sorceress and the Dragon.  I would expand the focus to more characters, and I would jump between them.  I just needed a plot, and the backdrop of a world war came to mind.  I plotted out a three book series, and started writing.  I was very happy with the first book in the series.

The Dragon’s Choice (The Sorceress and the Dragon Book 9)

I was really happy with some of the events from A Plague of Wizards, particularly the relationship between Augustus and Zoey, so I decided to write a book to expand on this.  This also gave me the opportunity to tell the story of Terra and Clitus.  Books eight, nine, and ten are my favorites of this series.

Astrid Maxxim and the Mystery of Dolphin Island

It was time for another Astrid book and an underwater adventure one at that.  Much of the plot for the story came from events right out of the news regarding scientists attempting to communicate with dolphins.  There were some complaints about how dark the ending turned out, but I felt like I needed a dark ending, considering all that’s happening to our oceans.

Nova Dancer

I had been working on Nova Dancer off and on for a while, and the setting was one that had been in my head since high school.  I finally pushed through and finished the story.  I thought it turned out alright, but I have a lot of other stories that can be set in the same universe.


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