The Destroyer Returns

Last summer, I decided to be part of the launch of Kindle Vella.  Kindle Vella is a serialized story forum, where readers purchase books a chapter at a time.  I wrote of a good portion of a story called the Destroyer Returns.  As school started, I got behind on my writing.  Also I’ve decided to focus entirely on His Robot Wife: Extreme Patience until it’s done.

While I thought that Kindle Vella sounded like a good idea, I’ve only had three readers for my story.  With Amazon bonuses, I was earning more money than I probably would have with sales of ten times that, but readers mean more to me than money at this point in my career.  For that reason, I have unpublished the unfinished portion of The Destroyer Returns.

Once I have finished Extreme Patience, I am planning to finish The Destroyer Returns and publish it in book form.  When I do, I’ll be offering free ebook copies for a time to make up for those few who might have started reading on Vella and not been able to finish.  That should be sometime during the summer.

Watch this space for more details.

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