Lots of Feedback

Wow.  Lot’s of feedback, here, at Patreon, and on Twitter.  I’m glad to see it.  The truth is that all of the stories listed are in the works.  Some have been on the back burner for a long time, and some are relatively new ideas.

What I’m really excited about is to see how much writing I can actually get done once I retire from my day job (In about six months).  I’d really like to get back on a schedule where I could publish five books a year, a feat I’ve only accomplished once to date.  If I could get all five of these done for 2023, I’d be really pleased with myself.

On the oft-mentioned topic of the His Robot Girlfriend/Wife books, I have definitely not given up on those books.  I have an idea for a whole new Daffodil series, and I’m working on plotting out the first two stories.  One features familiar characters and one new characters in the same world.  So stay tuned.


1 thought on “Lots of Feedback

  1. Yay. Looking forward to more Pateince, daffodils and the rest of the robots 🤖. I recently read a supposed continuation of Asimov’s robot obus and it was awful. City of robots or something in that mode. Your bots are much more interesting and oddly menacing.

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