Surprise Listing on Amazon

I was surprised to find the following message from in my email yesterday.
Publish Buy Sell Services

Dear Lulu Author,

Congratulations, your book has been selected for listing on’s Marketplace! As a result, your book will now be easily found on the world’s largest online bookseller.

There will be some differences between your listing on Lulu and your listing on Amazon. Amazon charges a fee to list your book, and in order to cover that cost your book will be listed with a 30% markup; however your royalty will remain the same, and your book’s price on Lulu will not change. Furthermore, your book sales on Amazon will reflect in your Lulu account immediately.

Lulu is committed to helping you increase your book’s sales and we hope you enjoy the benefits of listing your book on

Kind regards,


You are free to opt out of the program if you are not interested in the benefits associated with having your book listed on Amazon. To do so, please reply to this email with the Project ID of the book you wish removed.

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3101 Hillsborough St Raleigh, NC 27607 U.S.A.

This was all the more interesting since I was approving the hard cover for book store distribution at the same time. It would be cool if a few books were sold on Amazon, but really this book was designed as a freebie. Remember you can buy a paperback basically at cost $4.95 instead of $6.33, by clicking on the right side of this screen, and of course you can download the ebook for free.


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