One Year Anniversary Contest

One Year Anniversary Contest

To celebrate one year of the City of Amathar blog, I am holding a contest. Ten winners will be awarded, each receiving an autographed paperback copy of one of the following books:

Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess
His Robot Girlfriend
Princess of Amathar

Winners may choose which book they receive.

Contest Rules:

  • If you are under 18, ask a parent’s permission before entering.
  • Winners will NOT be notified by email. The winner will be posted here on August 13, 2009. If you don’t want to miss the announcement post, be a subscriber to the blog. Look in the left sidebar under Subscribe. Better yet Follow.
  • Make sure your entry can be distinguished by others who post. Remember, you might not be the only John or Jane commenting below.
  • Comment below and you will be entered once.
  • Only one entry per day by commenting, unless you participate in one of the ways listed below.

Multiple Entries for the Contest:

  • Post about the contest on your blog and include the link with your comment and you’ll be entered again.
  • Are you a Blogger Follower of this blog? If you are, mention this in the comment section. That’s another entry.
  • Subscribed by email or with an RSS reader? Be sure to say so. That’s an additional entry.
  • Following me on Twitter? If you mention it, that’s another entry.
  • If you post about this on Twitter, be sure to say so in the comment section. That’s another entry.
  • Stumble this post enter again.
  • Sign up for Friend Feed? Add me as a friend and that’s another entry.
  • Are you a member at Facebook? MySpace? Add me as a friend and that’s additional entries. Be sure to list which ones.
  • Connect with me on and that’s another entry. Just be sure to include the name you go by on Get Glue.
  • Got another idea for spreading the word about City of Amathar Press? Let me hear it and that will be another entry.

And watch for the announcement of the winners August 13th.


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