Update: Eaglethorpe Buxton

Eaglethorpe Buxton story number 3, Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Queen of Aerithraine is done.  I finished it this past Monday and as I type, I’m giving it a quick edit.  Then I’ll set it aside with the two previous EB stories and get back to Kanana: The Jungle Girl.

Taking time for EB, gave me a chance to reflect on how Kanana was going.  I was already on chapter ten, but I didn’t like the tone.  It’s too easy to go too light when the story is in first person (like Eaglethorpe Buxton or Alexander Ashton from Amathar) and I wanted this story to be a bit more hefty.  Therefore I decided to rewrite it.  I’m changing it to third person viewpoint, and I’m expanding what had previously been flashbacks into full chapters that interspace with chapters about the present.  All in all, I think this will read much better, but it’s going to be a longer book and so will take longer to write.

I also sat down and tapped out the first few pages of my newly planned star-voyaging epic, just to get a feel of the characters and the space.  I will probably have to completely rewrite it when I get around to writing it for real.  It was really just an experiment at this point.

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