82 Eridani Update

82 Eridani Journey

I finished chapter seven today and wrote a good portion of chapter eight.  I spent longer on seven than on most of the others.  I think it’s because it was one of the few chapters so far without much in the way of sex or violence.  Chapters five and six both had both.  They’re a lot of fun to write.  Chapter eight has some violence but no sex.  It’s a really fun chapter to write though, because I get to tear one of my characters apart– or at least to have him fall apart.

Most of my favorite characters are the really flawed ones.  The character in chapter five is a person that is so physically and mentally perfect that everyone else hates her.  And her flaw is that she hates herself more than anyone else does, for the same reason.  She hates her own perfection.  The chapter six character is a loving family man on the surface but has a deep and compelling need to kill people.  The chapter seven character is (maybe a little stereotypically) an introverted nerd, who is interested in a woman to the point of obsession.  The chapter eight character was a completely normal, well-balanced guy though– until his perfect world falls apart.  So now, he can be one of my favorite characters too.

Patience is a Virtue: Patience

His Robot Wife: Patience is a Virtue

As I mentioned yesterday, the new story is told much more from Patience’s point of view.  Patience is a Daffodil Amonte model robot and as such, can do quite a few things that human beings cannot.  Telling the story from her point of view gives me the chance to show what’s going on inside of her a bit.  For instance, she can carry on a phone conversation completely in her head, without verbally having to speak the words.  So, she can carry on a conversation with a person in front of her at the same time that she carries on a conversation with someone on the phone, and theoretically could be doing web searches and other actives while doing so.  In this story, Patience gets a little threatening– not physically, but she can after all, mess with your bank accounts, credit rating, and public records, all the while talking to you.  We also get to see a little more of why she does what she does.  For instance, she lets Mike get hurt if she thinks that saving him all the time would damage his self image.  And she bases her decision on which store to patronize based on whether the clerks are Daffodils or Gizmo robots.

Eaglethorpe Buxton Update

Today I reached the halfway point of Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Day of the Night of the Werewolf (draft).  It’s taken me eight days to get this far.  That may sound like I’m writing incredibly fast, but these stories are quite short at about 20,000 words each or 50 typed almost single-spaced pages (I use 1.15 spacing when I write).  So that’s three pages per day.

Maybe another week to finish this draft.  Then I’ll do a revision of this story, and then a revision of all of them together, and then two editing passes.  So we’re looking at mid to late November, which sounds good to me.  I really want to have it available before December for the holiday season.

When I do the whole revision pass, it will give me a chance to improve some of the earlier stories, as well as make them fit together.  I like Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Amazons, but it didn’t quite reach the level I wanted.  Hopefully I can get it closer to what I originally intended.  On the other hand, Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Queen of Aerithraine, I think, turned out far better than I hoped.

I’ll keep you updated.  Thanks.

Update: Eaglethorpe Buxton

Eaglethorpe Buxton story number 3, Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Queen of Aerithraine is done.  I finished it this past Monday and as I type, I’m giving it a quick edit.  Then I’ll set it aside with the two previous EB stories and get back to Kanana: The Jungle Girl.

Taking time for EB, gave me a chance to reflect on how Kanana was going.  I was already on chapter ten, but I didn’t like the tone.  It’s too easy to go too light when the story is in first person (like Eaglethorpe Buxton or Alexander Ashton from Amathar) and I wanted this story to be a bit more hefty.  Therefore I decided to rewrite it.  I’m changing it to third person viewpoint, and I’m expanding what had previously been flashbacks into full chapters that interspace with chapters about the present.  All in all, I think this will read much better, but it’s going to be a longer book and so will take longer to write.

I also sat down and tapped out the first few pages of my newly planned star-voyaging epic, just to get a feel of the characters and the space.  I will probably have to completely rewrite it when I get around to writing it for real.  It was really just an experiment at this point.