Read them as part of your Oyster membership.

Just a reminder that all twenty Wesley Allison books are available free as part of your membership to Oyster books.


Oyster offers unlimited access to over 500,000 books for $9.95 a month, with new titles added all the time.

“We created Oyster to evolve the way people read and to create more of the special moments that only books can offer. From anywhere a mobile device can go—a bustling subway car, a quiet coffee shop, or lost at sea with a Bengal tiger—our mission is to build the best reading experience, one that is both communal and personal, anytime, anywhere.”

Oyster is available for Apple iOS 7+Android 4+Nook HD, and Kindle Fire.

Learn more about how Oyster is pioneering a better way to read on our blog or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Check out Oyster Books today.

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