Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space PlaneWhen you publish your own books, you’re always on the lookout for errors.  Of course the most common is the typo.  I work very hard to find and correct all the typos.  Every once in a while though, you have a much bigger mistake.  I’ve just dealt with one of those.

I discovered that on one of the title pages for Astrid Maxxim book 4, it actually had the title for book 3.  This was because I was pasting in the pages from the earlier book (which I knew had correct formatting) and then changed the text.  Well, I forgot to change all of it!

If you are one of the first 24 people to buy Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space Plane, you’ve got the error.  You should be able to download an updated file from any of the bookstores by now.  Or you could keep it.  I doubt it will ever be as valuable as the Beatles original Here, There, and Everywhere album cover, but you never know.

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Kindle Unlimited – Sorry, No.

Last month, Amazon announced Kindle Unlimited.  I would love to have my books available on Kindle Unlimited, because I think subscription services (Netflix for Ebooks) are the wave of the future, and are especially great for discovering new authors such as myself.  My books are already available on Scribd and Oyster.  Sadly, I can’t do it.  In order to have books on Amazon Unlimited, they have to be on Amazon Select, and therefore exclusive to Amazon.  I would have to pull my books from not only Scribd and Oyster, but also Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks (where I sell twice as many books as I do at Amazon).

For a much more detailed perspective on Amazon Select, read Mark Coker’s article on it here.  For a reader’s point of view about the availability of ebooks, read MrsJoseph’s blog post here.

Paperbacks etc.

Astrid Maxxim 2So, what’s with all the paperbacks I’ve been posting about over the past week?  I’ve revamped my paper book line a bit.  I’ve gotten rid of the more expensive trade-sized paperbacks and hardbacks and have picked out the best price points for the more affordable digest-sized books.  Now, I’m going to get digest paperback books for the rest of my books.  I’ll post about them as they are ready.  The first one should be available in about a week.

The paper books are mostly for me.  I buy them and give them to friends.  I give them to students.  I take them to the library event every year, just for fun mostly.  Every once in a while though, somebody else wants to buy one and now they will be able too.

If anyone else is interested, I’ll be making a hardbound volume that contains all 7 Senta and the Steel Dragon books together.  I anticipate 2 of these being printed– one for myself and one for my son, but just in case, if anyone wants one, I’ll post when it’s available.

The Indie Book Movement

Saffina Desforges is a writing team that I have been following for a while; a pair of now successful indie authors.  Follow the link to the Saffina Desforges website to read the story of how indie authors (or any authors) are treated by traditional publishers and agents.  You will quickly see why the indie author movement has been gaining steam.

And here is a link to the UK’s Register, describing how in indie books account for 12% of the ebook market.  It goes on to say that most are rubbish.  I would not dispute that there is a lot of crap in the indie book market.  On the other hand, traditional publishers have given us (at least) three books about Snookie.  Well done indeed!