His Robot Girlfriend: Charity – Over 1,000 Sold

HRG CharityI don’t publish my sales numbers very much, because it seems a bit overblown, considering my books usually sell in the 100s rather than the 100,000s, but I do like to recognize a milestone.  His Robot Girlfriend: Charity has recently passed 1,000 copies sold.  It reached that point in just 9 months.  It’s already surpassed the lifetime sales of Princess of Amathar, my first book, which has been out 8 years.  But then, I think Charity is a better book.

Robotics engineer Dakota Hawk has problems. His life is falling apart. And even he doesn’t know why he bought a used, and seemingly non-functional, Daffodil Nonne. When your life turns to crap, which should you worry about more– your past or your future? How easy is it really to remake yourself and start over? And will having your own robot girlfriend help or make things even more difficult?

Look for His Robot Girlfriend: Charity wherever fine ebooks are sold.


2 thoughts on “His Robot Girlfriend: Charity – Over 1,000 Sold

  1. Congratulations! And as for Princess of Amathar it was my 1st book I’ve bought from you, so it have special place in my e-library 😉 Also I liked the story very much and I am still re-reading some parts of it. Now I am trying to buy the printed version from one German eshop together with His Robot Girlfriend which was the 1st book I’ve read from you 😀
    Anyway, enough about me and all the best with all you future sales 🙂

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