Coming Soon and Beyond

The Price of MagicI’m a very short way from finishing The Cost of Magic.  I wrote it, quite frankly, because the Senta and the Steel Dragon series is my favorite among the books I’ve written.  They aren’t the favorites of my readers though, so I’m going to concentrate on stories that people are actually asking for.  At least for a while.

My most popular books by far, are the Robot Girlfriend books.  Astrid Maxxim books sell far less, but are increasing in sales each month.  The former take me a while to write, while the latter pop out of my brain pretty quickly.  But at least for the rest of this year, it is these two series that I will be focusing on.

Keep an eye out for The Cost of Magic.  Coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Coming Soon and Beyond

  1. Me too. Well, you’ll have The Price of Magic to look forward to, Moe. I hope to have it out by the end of the year. I don’t know about 82 Eridani. I want to get back to it, but it takes a lot out of me.

  2. Wesley, the Senta series are my favorite also, and I’ve introduced quite a few people to them, and they also enjoy the Senta series. One little note: we’re all hoping that Zurfina will find her way back into the storyline, especially after the last book.

    • Antwon, thank you so much. Introducing a new reader is the greatest gift you can give an author. I love writing Zurfina. She’s the one character I miss most. On the other hand, Senta has kind of turned into Zurfina. I laugh out loud when I write Senta doing or saying something very Zurfina-like. Still, I can definitely imagine Zurfina popping up in some form or another– or at least some remnant of her, like in The Price of Magic. I doubt it will be in the next book though.

      The next book– A Plague of Wizards– as you might guess from the title, is going to be filled with big magic. We’ve seen some big magic in the last two books, but I don’t think that Senta really felt endangered (or that the reader felt like she was in danger), even when she was shot. This book is going to change that. There are also going to be some jaw-dropping surprises for long-time readers of the series. I can’t wait to get started.

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