Characters: Denise Brown

Astrid Maxxim 2Astrid’s best friend is Denise Brown. This despite the fact that Denise is never really all that impressed with Astrid’s “mad science.” Denise has an older brother named Dennis, who is a senior, head of the debating team, football quarterback, and overall star of the whole high school. She and Dennis have two dads. Dad number one is Dennis Brown Sr., head model-maker at Maxxim Industries. Dad number two is Jeffrey Richards, who owns and operates the Maxxim City Malt Shop.

Writing Denise is always fun, because she’s the most snarky member of the gang.  Though on the surface, she seems pretty self-centered, I get the idea it’s more of an act than her real self.  Of course one of the defining characters is that she and her brother are the children of a same sex couple.  I don’t know that I will ever delve into that any more than the cursory examination that I’ve given it so far, but it is there if I decide to.


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