Kanana the Jungle Girl

Kanana: The Jungle Girl -- Cover RevealI’m trying to get back onto some of the projects that I’ve left lying around for a while.  This week, I started working on Kanana the Jungle Girl.  It’s been about a year since I last even thought of working on it.  But today, I finished a new chapter– chapter ten.  The book is plotted out at 18 chapters, so I’m well past the mid-point.  If the next few chapters flow as well as this one did, then I may be able to actually finish this in a couple of months.

This story is a sort of reverse-Tarzan type story with a couple of differences.  It takes place on a mysterious unknown continent on a vastly different alternate Earth, around 1913.  It features alternate world versions of a few historical individuals, notably Teddy Roosevelt.  I’ll keep you informed on how it’s going and whether I’ll ever actually finish this book.


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