Characters: Valerie Diaz

Astrid Maxxim and the Antarctic ExpeditionValerie Diaz is the third girl in Astrid’s gang. Her father Sergio Diaz is head of Maxxim Industries Security and a former FBI agent. Her mother is a feisty woman who is an immigrant from Mexico. Despite her parents’ formidable personalities, Valerie tends to be afraid of just about everything. Part of this is understandable, since she frequently falls victim to Astrid’s experiments or adventures. Valerie and Denise share most of the same classes at school and are closer than Astrid and Valerie, who share no classes. Valerie has long wavy hair and flashing eyes.

As the series progresses, Valerie begins dating a boy from school– Bud.  By book 5, Bud is well on his way to becoming the eighth member of Astrid’s group.


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