Announcing Two New Books

A Plague of WizardsAvailable Oct. 28, 2016

A Plague of Wizards (Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 8)

Senta Bly, the most powerful sorceress in the world has disappeared and no one knows where or why. What happens to Port Dechantagne and Birmisia without her protection for four years? Wizards with all sorts of their own agendas descend on the colony, and the citizens must cope the best they can. Nineteen-year-old Iolana Staff lives the life of a famous author, far away in the capital city, but how does her friend Esther, the only Birmisian lizzie on the continent deal with human society? Meanwhile Iolana’s cousin Terra has made the journey to the lizzie city of Yessonarah, to learn what living in the palace of a reptilian king is really like.

The Jungle GirlAvailable Nov. 25, 2016

Kanana: The Jungle Girl

In a world substantially different from our own world in 1913, former Rough Rider and adventurer Henry Goode crosses the vast ocean to explore the unknown continent of Elizagaea. Spurred on into the wilderness by emotional trauma, he finds vicious creatures from a bygone era, savage natives, long lost civilizations, and a mysterious jungle goddess.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Two New Books

  1. Good news, Wes! I am looking forward to both of these. Although I notice the words “82” and “Eridani” don’t appear in either title! 🙂

    Will these two be available for pre-order soon?

    • A Plague of Wizards preorders will begin very soon. Kanana: The Jungle Girl sometime in about a month. I will post the exact preorder days as soon as available. The very next book I’ll be working on is His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience. I have kind of pledged not to do anything else until it is done. After that 82: Eridani is definitely something I want to get back to.

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