Put Down Your Pitchforks

A Great Deal of PatienceOkay.  So you’re pissed off at me that neither of the new books is a robot book.  I get it.  I get it!  I’m back to work on A Great Deal of Patience, and if it is at all humanly possible, this will be then next book I finish.

As it stands right now, I’m in the middle of chapter seven.  The outline is twenty chapters, but that could end up being more or less.  In any case, watch this space for more information.


8 thoughts on “Put Down Your Pitchforks

  1. Well let me be the first to give a big “Hallelujah” for the news on the upcoming robot book!! If you’ve gotten any negative responses I suppose it was inevitable. I personally have read all the other robot books so many times I’ve almost committed them to memory. Since the robot books are by far your most popular (your own words), im wondering why it took so long to follow up?
    I’ll admit I am a bit biased, as I personally am not attracted to some of the other titles you are pursuing with your time. Maybe being a 50+ year old male and dedicated sci fi fan has something to do with it? In any case, very happy about the new book development and I will be among the first to whip out the credit card when it’s available. Best wishes and creative writing!

    • Scott, thanks for the positive feedback. As for why it takes me so long, I guess I just get side-tracked easily. Sometimes I can sit down and start a story and follow it through to the end. Sometimes I think of something new and start writing it and it takes me completely out of the brain space I was in. The two new books are examples of that. A Plague of Wizards I started in March and wrote straight through until I was finished in July. Banana, I started way back in 2012, and I’ve worked on it here and there almost every year since. Anyway, from one 50+ male sic-fi fan to another, thanks for the support, and I’ll get A Great Deal of Patience done as soon as humanly possible. Watch this space for details.

  2. Yeah! Patience is swell. Wonder how you’re getting around Asimov with robot cops. This is the most thought provoking read on bending the three laws of robotics since the Humanoids .

    • As a matter of fact, that very question is addressed in one of the early chapters of the next book. This book is filled with robots doing jobs that might put the fear of God (or Asimov) into a lot of us: not only cops, but soldiers too.

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