Senta and the Steel Dragon – Characters

Each of the Senta and the Steel Dragon Stories rotates through the eyes of several characters– usually four.  One is always the titular Senta.  The others change as the story goes on.  Here are the viewpoint characters for each book.


Terrence Dechantagne, Senta Bly, Iolanthe Dechantagne, Yuan Korlann, Nils Chapman, Arthur McTeague, Ssissiatok, Zeah Korlann

The Voyage of the Minotaur

Senta Bly, Terrence Dechantagne, Iolanthe Dechantagne, Zeah Korlann

The Dark and Forbidding Land

Senta Bly, Ssissiatok, Yuan Korlann, Saba Colbshallow

The Drache Girl

Senta Bly, Yuan Korlann Dechantagne, Radley Staff, Saba Colbshallow

The Young Sorceress

Senta Bly, Isaak Wissinger, Yuah Korlann Dechantagne, Kieran Baxter, Ssissiatok, Hsrandtuss

The Two Dragons

Senta Bly, Zeah Korlann, Iolanthe Dechantagne Staff, Saba Colbshallow, Radley Staff

The Sorceress and her Lovers

Senta Bly, Kieran Baxter, Saba Colbshallow, Hsrandtuss

The Price of Magic

Senta Bly, Kieran Baxter, Iolana Staff, Tokkenoht, Peter Bassington


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