A Plague of Wizards – Characters

A Plague of WizardsLike the earlier books in Senta and the Steel Dragon, A Plague of Wizards has a rotating cast of characters through which we experience the action. One of them is a new character.  I’m not going to talk about the new character because I think it’s too much of a spoiler, but the others are old friends.

Senta Bly – At this point, Senta is almost thirty years old, and is by far the most powerful magic-user in the world.  This might seem the cure for many ills, but it is the cause of many problems too.

Saba Colbshallow – Saba is thirty-six years old, is an established family man, and is the Chief of Police for Port Dechantagne.  He must deal with an influx of wizards into the colony, who cause all kinds of troubles.

Terra Dechantagne – Terra is the daughter of Terrence and Yuah Dechantagne.  She is fifteen years old and very quiet.  Terra has a great deal to learn when she is sent to live among the lizzies of Yessonarah.

Esther – Speaking of lizzies, Esther has traveled with Iolana to the old world of Greater Brechalon, where she is the only cold-blooded being within thousands of miles.  How will she cope with being so isolated from her kind?


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