Poll Results and Where We Are

Last month I had a poll on which book should come next.  The results were as follows:

His Robot Wife: Patience Under Fire 71.43%

82 Eridani: Voyage 14.29%

Senta and the Steel Dragon: For King and Country 7.14%

Rolo: time Traveler at Large 7.14%

Nova Dancer 0%

Astrid Maxxim and her High-Rise Air Purifier 0%

I think we had 14 people vote.  Well, right now, it looks like I’ll manage to publish three books this year.  Patience Under Fire is definitely one.  As for the other two… I’m not sure. I’ve written parts of all of them except for Astrid Maxxim.

I picked up Nova Dancer the other day and realized that I it was halfway done.  82 Eridani is about half don too, but it’s a 125,000 word book, and Nova Dancer is a 40,000 word book.  Senta is 2/3 done, but it’s probably going to be well over 150,000 words.  So there you go.  Watch this space for more information on which books will be coming when.

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