Staying Motivated

Staying motivated to write every day is hard.  There are some things that give a real boost to motivation.  Getting a message from someone who likes what you’ve done is a huge motivator.  Book sales is also a motivator.

Lately book sales have been down.  I start to think, “Have all the people who are ever going to want to read one of my books bought theirs already?  Are the sales of my next Robot book going to be limited to the 11,000 who bought the last one?

It’s self-defeating, but sometimes it’s hard not to think that, especially when you have to find time in between work and rest to write.  Last month was the worst month for book sales in ten years.  On the other hand this past July was one of the best.

How can you help me stay motivated?  Reach out and say, “Hi.”  Tell me what you’ve read that you liked and what you would like me to write next.  If you’ve enjoyed one of my books, pass it on.  Tell someone else to get a copy, or loan them yours.  I would rather have a new reader than a new book sale.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my bellyaching and thanks to all of you for your support.

6 thoughts on “Staying Motivated

  1. Hang in there Wes! I’m one of your 11,000. I enjoy novels related to AI. One of the series of books I enjoyed is by an author called William Hertling and his “Avogadro/ELOPe” series. Also a series of android books by Lance Erlick. I’ve just started a book by Kishore Tipirneni called “New Eden” The tide WILL turn in your favor. Enjoy the ride!


  2. Wesley, I’ve followed you ever since the first Robot book and I’m patiently waiting for the next.
    I understand the frustration. Oftentimes, personal intrusions can be a big hindrance to writing. Life has a funny way of creeping up on us.
    I wouldn’t be too analytical about your books popularity. These things tend to be cyclical. In my view, a new book (such as a new Patience book) would only help your popularity. Some may stumble upon it not realizing there were others in the series, thus generating more interest in the previous volumes.
    I find the Robot books thoughtful, interesting to read and currently relevant.
    I have reread these books several times. While only purchased once, I’ve enjoyed the entertainment they give me many times over.
    Thank you for a job well done and I hope you are inspired to continue the series. There are many of us out here who truly enjoy what you write.
    Best wishes always

    • Scott,
      Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. You are so right about life creeping in on us. As for continuing the series, the only think I’m working on is Patience Under Fire, and I’m going to keep on until I finish it.

  3. Hey, I’m from Germany, and read your “Robot Girlfriend” Books now again. I really like them much, and I’m longing to read the next one. I know how hard it is to write, I just published my first book, and writing on. Please keep on!

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